[Feb/10/2022] I just noticed months later that some of the images on the blinkies page were replaced with ones that were clearly not blinkies. I've fixed that, and added lots more buttons. I've also updated my About Me page, and moved the FAQ. Separated shrines and collection pages into different sections in the navigation. Added Pokemon sprites to materials page.

[Jan/22/2022] Ignore the last update because I actually FORGOT to update NavLink. It's updated now. We also have a new an improved web materials page!

[Jan/3/2022] Slight homepage revamp. Updated Navlink page to the new layout and added members.

Decorated for the holidays :D
I'm not religious but I think christmas decorations are cute!

I haven't had motivation to update anything recently.
Bear with me.

Please ignore the constant construction on the site, I haven't had much time recently to constantly update things. So lots of things are broken and out of place. すみません!

Another website redesign!
I wanted to go back to a smaller cramped website, I felt as if the old one had too much empty space. I also wasn't feeling the right nav bar...
We now have site awards!

Added Weebring, a webring for weeaboos